Why Local ConneXtion is Great For Roofing Companies In Calgary

Are you a roofing contractor in Calgary and looking to get high-quality leads for your business?  There are so many ways of approaching this but not all of them are equal.  Why not go for something simple, clear and effective?

Local ConneXtion is a way for you to communicate directly with clients, without having to spend as much as you would for other types of leads.  Sometimes simplicity and directness is the best approach, and Local ConneXtion works on both those levels.

This service allows you to bid on jobs which clients have posted in your area.  The more personal and direct you are the more a prospective client is going to feel like you have an offer that they are looking for.

The process works very much like providing a quote or an assessment, except everything is done online, and it is both easier and more convenient for you and your clients.

If you’d like to register and start bidding on jobs today, click here.

Calgary Roofers SW – Get Calgary Roofing Companies Giving You Estimates

Are you looking for Calgary roofing companies SW estimates?  Then you have come to the right place.  Local ConneXtion is a new website started by a Calgary entrepreneur where you can post a roofing job and get local roofers bidding on it.

We’ve already had people from different parts of Calgary post a roofing job and award it to a roofer in Calgary.  You really have nothing to lose.  It is simple to do and will help you stay organized.

Give it a try today.

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