Ultimate Renovations Reviews – The Local ConneXtion Alternative

After everything Calgary has been through in the past year, many of us are shopping for contractors, hoping to shore up damages from the flood or consolidate a fresh start.  Ultimate Renovations, a local contractor in Calgary, gets a lot of positive reviews for their work in the city and may be worth a look for those who are attempting to rebuild or simply try something new with their homes.

Local ConneXtion provides an alternative to the typical way of looking for Calgary renovations contractors, however.  Instead of trusting the word of strangers on Google, Local ConneXtion puts you in position of control.  Did you know that some estimates place the number of fake online reviews at up to 30%?  You never really know if you’re getting a true story when you read online reviews, whether they be from Google or Yelp or somewhere else, and even the detailed and anecdotal reviews, or reviews using first names, can be totally made up.

Local ConneXtion works from a different business model entirely.  This is a site that allows you to post a job and have a variety of contractors compete for the bid.  This allows you to interface with contractors directly, and ensure you’re hiring the best Calgary renovations contractors available for the job at hand.

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