Calgary Roofing Leads

Are you a Calgary roofing company looking to get more roofing leads?  Any local business owner knows that leads are the life-blood of any business.  There are many ways of getting leads such as SEO, Google adwords, offline advertising, etc.

But have you ever considered using Local ConneXtion?  It is simple to use and free to register.  Once you are registered you can bid on any roofing job on the website.  The cost to bid is WAY less than what you would spend to get a lead from any other form of advertising.

The key thing to remember is that Local ConneXtion is a way to help you connect with people in Calgary looking to get a roofer.  The more personal you are with your bid, the more likely you are to win the job.

You may think that only the lowest bid will win.  That is NOT true at all.  I have found from experience that the companies who take it seriously and actually spend time communicating with the customer win the bids.  People don’t just look at price, they care about quality and how well the roofer treats them.

To register and start bidding click here.

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