Calgary Roofing Companies – Get Roofers Bidding For Your Job Using Local ConneXtion…

Do you need to get your roof repaired or are you looking to get a new roof?  Traditionally, you would spend a lot of time calling different Calgary roofing companies and asking them to give you a quote.  The problem is how inefficient this method is for both you and the company you are calling.

How do you stay organized with the different roofing estimates?  How do you communicate with the roofer after he leaves the quote?  Do you call him back?  What if he doesn’t answer the phone?  And what if the roofer is too busy to even swing by to see your house?

Wouldn’t it be better if you could upload your job once complete with a title, description, and images and get roofing companies from Calgary bidding for it?  The best part is that the roofing company can see your job from the pictures and give you an estimate.  Only after you see the estimate do you have to give him your address (the serious stage) for them to finalize their bid.  And all the estimates are organized in a central admin panel, plus all your communication stays in one place on message board.

Here’s a page we created for people looking to get roofing jobs done in Calgary (click the image below)

Get roofers from Calgary bidding on your job.

Get roofers from Calgary bidding on your job.


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